Main House

The house is strategically situated just a few feet from the water. Its grandfathered blueprint allows to rebuild a brand-new house using the same old blueprint, therefore allowing it to be closer to the water than normally allowed by the municipality. You won’t be able to build this close to the water anywhere else.

Two plans are already available for a potential new house fitting the blueprint. Architectural plans and further details will be made available to the buyer if desired. Please see pictures from both plan configurations below.

Plan #1

Plan #2

Multi-purpose Garage

The modern livable garage of 4500 sq. ft is already equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, as well as a bedroom to allow for comfortable overnight stays. Plans are also available to add a full car maintenance area (car lift, parking, washing station) and a bar area including a lounge, pool table & projector.

Detailed plans can be made available upon request.

Shooting Range

Possibility to install a modular shooting range in the forest. The shooting range is in an engineered, modular, 100% ballistic enclosed live fire trainer. The system is complete with roofing, insulation, all access doors, electrical, HVAC & filtration. It comes complete with 1 shooting lane, shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, bullet traps and lighting.

Details upon request.