Investment Opportunity

Given the big size of the estate, an investment opportunity can be considered in the form of lot splitting. Below is a scheme of a potential way to split the main 10-acre (4 Hectares) lot. Once split, each resulting lot can be sold as a separate residential property lot, therefore multiplying the potential return on investment. The access roads are already built and accessible. Common areas would allow all lots to have access to the water (including a community dock) and the tennis/basketball court. Those common areas also include a large piece of grass-covered land which would allow kids to have a playground. The following image is an example only – it is possible to differently adjust the borders of the lots.
Lots 1 & 2 Approx. 28 024 sqf.
Lots 3 & 4 Approx. 28 350 sqf.
Lots 5-6-8-9 Approx. 34 578 sqf.
Lot 7 Approx. 16 060 sqf.
Lot 10 Approx. 22 950 sqf.
Common Lots Approx. 32 962 sqf.
Main Lot Approx. 73 965 sqf.

Everything is ready to go for this incredible project.

Don’t miss a unique opportunity in a one of a kind project.